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          China TX IIOT (Dalian) Corporation Limited


          KT650(5G) Mine wireless communication system

          Follow frequency:

          Product type: Products

          Listing time: 2024-04-22

          Description: The system integrates 4G/5G data transmission, VOLTE high-definition voice and video calls, UWB accurate positioning, and WIF

          Tel: 0411-6249 8098

          The system integrates 4G/5G data transmission, VOLTE high-definition voice and video calls, UWB accurate positioning, and WIFI6 wireless data communication; The system integrates visual multimedia command and scheduling to achieve unified scheduling function for wired and wireless video and voice services, which can be applied to communication scheduling and remote command in different scenarios; The system supports Ethernet 10-Gigabit optical ports, gigabit optical ports, and adaptive electrical ports, with cross platform Ethernet data access, docking, forwarding, and transmission capabilities. The system can provide access services for mining smartphones, mining wireless cameras, mining wireless terminals, informationalized mining lamps, mining CPE, personnel positioning identification cards, vehicle positioning identification cards, mining wireless sensors, and other terminal devices, and supports network interconnection and interoperability with mobile operators, achieving a one card system for both overground and underground use.

          The system has the function of interconnection and intercommunication between mobile phones, mobile phones and fixed-line telephones.

          The system has functions such as SMS, cross zone switching, and disabling illegal users.

          The system has the function of data transmission and relay connection.

          The system has the function of timing or continuous diagnosis for scheduling terminals, control centers, base stations, etc. When a fault occurs, it promptly alarms and indicates the location of the fault.

          The system has function of backup battery over discharge alarm and over charge & over discharge protection.

          The system scheduling terminal calls internal users without blocking, and can forcibly remove or insert in relays or users, meeting the requirements of smooth and unobstructed scheduling communication.

          The system scheduling terminal can receive emergency calls from internal users, display the user number of the emergency call, provide sound and light alarms, prioritize processing and automatically record.

          The system scheduling terminal has both general calling and group calling functions, which can handle multiple calls simultaneously without interfering with each other.

          The system scheduling terminal has the function of loudspeaker call and call recording.

          The system scheduling terminal has status indication for users or relays. Various calls made by users to the scheduling terminal can be displayed through different sound and light prompts and numbers, and the user status is clear, dispatchers can easily use functions such as forced insertion and removal to implement monitoring.

          The system phone has function of selective calling, and authorized phones have group calling and general calling functions.

          The system phone has emergency call function and low voltage alarm function.

          The system mobile phone has functions such as exceeding the service area prompt and current channel busy prompt.

          System composition diagram

          KT650(5G) Mine wireless communication system(圖1)