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          China TX IIOT (Dalian) Corporation Limited


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          Add:No. 8 Guangming West Street, Dongjiagou, Jinpu New District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province
          Tel: 0411-6249 8098
          Mobile phone: 18611241668
          Email: hxtxdl@126.com

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          Conduct in-depth visits to enterprises to promote the development of enterprises

          華夏天信 | 2023-05-22

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          The Dalian City Administration Bureau earnestly implements the decision and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and Government to optimize the business environment, firmly establishes the work concept that high-quality urban management is not only a "soft power" but also a "hard support" for the construction of the business environment, and uses practical and strong tactics to comprehensively optimize the business environment in the field of urban management. The optimization of the business environment will be the "top priority" of the annual work, reform and innovate, and strive to create a urban management business brand of "good looking, high quality, healthy ecology, and beneficial to people's livelihood".


          On the morning of May 15th, Director Lu Wenxun of Dalian City Administration Bureau and his delegation conducted a research and inspection of China TX IIOT (Dalian) Corporation Limited. Liu Bin, Assistant General Manager and CFO of TX IIOT (Dalian), gave a detailed introduction on the development history of the enterprise, product sales market, product quality control, and other aspects.


          During the discussion, Assistant General Manager Liu Bin expressed gratitude for Dalian's measures to optimize the business environment, support and concern for enterprises, and hoped to continue to increase efforts to optimize the business environment and promote stable development of enterprises. Director Lu stated that in terms of optimizing the business environment, Dalian City Administration Bureau will continue to increase attention to enterprises, deeply understand the actual development status and difficulties of enterprises, trace the root and help enterprises solve difficulties, jointly build a good business environment, and help to strengthen and stabilize the development.