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          China TX IIOT (Dalian) Corporation Limited

          About us

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          Add:No. 8 Guangming West Street, Dongjiagou, Jinpu New District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province
          Tel: 0411-6249 8098
          Mobile phone: 18611241668
          Email: hxtxdl@126.com



          Corporate Mission

          Building an open platform for intelligent mine operating system,

          Promote the safe, efficient, and green development of mining enterprises

          Corporate Philosophy
          Unite and innovate, win the future together


          China TX IIOT takes "gathering strength, forging ahead" as the foundation of its corporate culture, adheres to the concept of "sincere cooperation", strives for excellence in product performance, meticulously pays attention to product quality, perseveres in customer service, to achieves common development with the goal of win-win.